Your Help

General Help
LLCCM needs money to keep up their current activities. If you want to support the centre in general, LLCCM will spend your money on food for the regular meetings, clothes for the children, cultivation on our fields and keeping our animals.

Sponsorship for a student
You can chose to support one of the students personally and help him to afford university fees and living expenses. With 100 $ per term (can vary depending on university) you can help a student to study and another 100 $ help him to afford a room and food. Besides the money a personal relation can be created via e-mail contact. You can get to know the student and keep up with his progress. (For more Information look also here.)

Dance Group
Our dance group has just started and needs capital to develop to a self sufficient project. (Download more information or visit our faceebook page.)
We want to make sure that the children have enough force to attend the dance lessons and therefore provide a proper meal before every lesson. With 40 $ you support a proper meal of rice and beans and a tea for every member in one dance lesson.
LLCCM also wants to buy equipment for the dance group in order to be successful.
50 $ a drum
10 $ a dress
10 $ baskets
20 $ speers

If You Decide to Help Us
Your money can be transferred to the following account. The account is a dollar account.

I & M Bank
Let the Little Children Come to Me
Swift number: BCRWRWRW