Our Program

The children come to LLCCM to spend a lovely Saturday morning together. The day starts at 9am with a bible lesson held by one of the Mamas. They worship God and express themselves in singing and dancing. After that they get advice for daily problems and discuss problems at school. On the nice ground of LLCCM the children have the possibility to play many different kinds of games. Seeing their friends and spending a fun time at the centre becomes the highlight of the week for many members.

The Mamas have formed cooperatives to improve their financial situation. LLCCM gave the capital for their groups. There are five groups whose members meet every There are five groups whose members meet every Tuesday. For every meeting every member has to contribute an undecided amount of money that is easy for the to afford. The women can borrow money from their group for example if they want to raise a micro bussines. The money must be payed back with a small interest. After two months the collected money is shared among the members. Like that they can improve their families situations.

The UBUZIMA project
LLCCM started the Ubuzima project in order to educate young people about HIV prevention and family planning. The project should help to make the students aware of the risks of HIV and prevent unwanted pregnancy. Twenty students, especially girls, from G.S. Rukira attend workshops held by doctors and pharmacy students at LLCCM. The aim of the project is to form peer educators so that the students are capable to share their knowledge with others.

The traditional dance group
Traditional dance in Rwanda is still very important and often performed by young people. Since May 2014 thirty of our students attend weekly dance practices at LLCCM. The coach is a university student at the University of Rwanda in Huye. He comes to the centre once a week to volunteer. Learning traditional dance is specifically important for our students who often have limitations because of their disease. Performing is a way for them to appear the same as anyone else and show their strength through their new talent. In the future, having a traditional dance group can be beneficial to LLCCM because groups are often paid to perform at official ceremonies.